Friday, June 25, 2010

Titania's tunes

In which our Diva shares her musical inspiration

The playlist I compiled for this rehearsal process...

1. Invocation ~ Loreena McKennitt
2. Love And Anger ~ Kate Bush
3. Summerland ~ Gypsy Nomads
4. Beauty Has Her Way ~ Mummy Calls
5. Stolen Child ~ Loreena McKennitt
6. Sweet About Me ~ Gabriella Cilmi
7. Elan ~ Secret Garden
8. Siren ~ Sarah Brightman
9. Endless Dream ~ Conjure One
10. The Mummers' Dance ~ Loreena McKennitt
11. Possession ~ Sarah McLachlan
12. Moon Dance ~ Enaid & Einalem
13. Gorgeous ~ Idina Menzel
14. La Luna ~ Sarah Brightman
15. Bard Dance ~ Enya
16. Into The Fire ~ Sarah McLachlan
17. Beyond Imagination ~ Opera Babes

A Midsummer Night's Dream opens TONIGHT! Visit Storefront Shakespeare for details and to buy tickets online. Hope to see you there!

Friday, June 4, 2010

I am a spirit of no common rate

In which our Diva outlines the particulars of how this summer doth tend upon her state

Storefront Shakespeare presents
A Midsummer Night's Dream

228 S Third St, Geneva, IL:
  • Friday June 25th at 7pm
  • Saturday June 26th at 3pm and 7pm
  • Sunday June 27th at 3pm
  • Thursday July 1st at 7pm
  • Friday July 2nd at 7pm
  • Saturday July 3rd at 3pm and 7pm
  • Sunday July 4th at 3pm
  • Monday July 5th at 7pm
2035 S Washington St, Naperville, IL:
  • Friday July 9th at 7pm
  • Saturday July 10th at 3pm and 7pm
  • Sunday July 11th at 7pm
All tickets are $10.

I know I'm usually Babbly McPosterson during theatre rehearsals but haven't been this time around, and I'm not sure why that is.  This Monday I'll see the Geneva space for the first time, and our set will be coming together in it over the next couple weeks. Very excited about that!

Song for today: My Titania-inspired playlist is just about where I want it to be, and I'll be posting it here and sharing it with my castmates soon. I missed doing this for Pride & Prejudice, but for that the purpose was really served by the music in the show, especially since I was involved in two of the dances.  The right mix of music really helps get my head and heart in the right starting place before a rehearsal or performance.

This Midsummer has a contemporary fantasy sensibility, and that's reflected in some of the decidedly contemporary songs that felt right to put in the playlist. Idina Menzel's "Gorgeous" is one of them -- a great fit for Titania and Oberon's tempestuous relationship!