Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The tapioca is spontaneous

In which our Diva has a new pursuit or two

Spring has finally properly sprung in Chicagoland, I'm almost over The Cold That Wouldn't Die, and I'm back with a shiny new project: a podcast entitled Spontaneous Tapioca. Click over and download or subscribe to give it a listen and find out, among other things, why I called it that. Plus a whole bunch of other stuff that my first guest Stacey Tappan and I think are inspiring, awesome, or just plain nifty.

I encounter a lot of creative folks with great perspectives, and I freely admit this new venture is my excuse to have long babbly conversations with them. But I think (hope!) they'll be interesting for other people too!

Also, an announcement I forgot to make in this space: I'm slated to host the Prairie State Film Festival at the
Portage Theater on July 27.

It's put on by the hardworking folks at Spook Show Entertainment, who produce several such events every year, including the Chicago Horror and Indie Horror festivals I've attended at various times. This one showcases films of all genres, and I'm all kinds of delighted to have the privilege of introducing them.

And now, off to enjoy this beautiful sunshine (finally got the bike out this year, yay!!) and then some audition prep. Hope your spring is all kinds of inspiring too!