Monday, October 26, 2009

Pride and Prejudice and Pirates

Or princesses. Or pandas. Or poodles. Or, of course, zombies.

Chicagoland peeps: Discounted tickets for P&P this Saturday night, October 31, if you come in costume! That's $5 off the already-reasonable $15.

Don't worry, you get the same show from us. (Alas, the constraints of scheduling, budget and intellectual property law guarantee that the ongoing jokes about the P&P&Z midnight show on Halloween must remain jokes.)

One more weekend, and they're going fast - make your reservations today! All the details are here.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Coming soon?

In which our Diva is thinking happy distribution thoughts

will have two screenings at the American Film Market, November 5 and 7. Wouldn't it be an awesome birthday present to hear that it got snapped up? Stay tuned!

Song for today: "Good Behavior" by Plumb, just because it's been running through my head the last couple days. Probably something to do with last week being hella stressful on the day-job front, just in time for P&P tech week! But the show is going great (two weekends left - have you bought your tickets yet?), and strategies for dealing with the recession-fueled craziness are kicking into gear. And I have high-energy cathartic music running through my head. So it's all good.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pride and Publicity

In which our Diva isn't sure three years qualify as "many," but isn't looking a nice writeup in the mouth

Eight days to opening night! Buy your tickets here.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The "No" list continues to grow

One week ago, I posted a list of film industry professionals who had publicly stated their thoughts on Roman Polanski, and who did not subscribe to the petition and presumed Hollywood party line calling for his release.

As of this morning, there are 45 names on the list. And that's being pretty strict about keeping to people who work directly on the production films and TV shows: producers, writers, directors, actors, crew. chrissmm's more comprehensive list of public figures is growing at a proportionally similar rate. Meanwhile, Melissa Silverstein at Women & Hollywood has linked to blog posts by women in entertainment, and invites those who don't blog to voice their thoughts in the comments.

When I heard on the news last weekend that Mr. Polanski had been arrested, my immediate thought was "About bloody time." I then foolishly expected to not hear all that much more about it. Sure, I expected some people to wish it hadn't happened, simply because it's inconvenient for them. What I didn't expect was that a whole bunch of them would make a public stand about how shocked and disturbed they are because it's so very wrong.

If that hadn't happened, I'm the first to admit I wouldn't have posted a word on the topic. Why? Because it should not be necessary to explain that I don't think a confessed and convicted felon who skipped the country prior to sentencing should be let off the hook just because.

And that's leaving completely aside the nature of his crime and the apparently desperate need of some people to call it something else.

I truly believe that the people on this list are exceptional only in that they have specifically and publicly spoken on the topic. I truly do not believe for a second that the sentiments expressed in the petition and by certain individuals' public statements are the rule.

I certainly won't claim that the entertainment industry is the shining beacon of virtue in the modern world, but I don't believe it's an actual circle of Hell just yet. Thanks to everyone on the list for helping to demonstrate that.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

In their country fashions

In which our Diva plays dress-up

Got my first glimpse of P&P costumes at fittings last night. Can't wait to see them finished, of course, but all indications are that we're going to look pretty darn good.

Non-profit theatre being what it is, I'm amused that Charlotte's day dress is a makeover of Lucy's striped dress from Dracula (second photo in linked gallery). And that David (director of both shows), Carl (Drac last year, AD this year) and I all came up with the same "Wrong redhead!" crack independently.

Obligatory Shameless Plug: Pride and Prejudice opens October 16 for a three-week run. Call GreenMan Theatre at 630-464-2646 for reservations, or purchase tickets online.