Thursday, January 31, 2008

The View From Divaburbia

Or, Who Does This Chick Think She Is, Anyway?

Honestly? Nobody in particular. I'd like to be a full-time working actor, and moved to the Chicago area from Columbus, OH, in the fall of 2003 with that goal in mind.

And, well, not so much. Might still happen, might not. In the meantime, I pay the bills with a day job in a locale referred to herein as Office of Doom, and go where it sounds interesting and where they're willing to cast me. Sometimes it's musicals and operas in the 'burbs, sometimes in-your-face plays on the off-Loop storefront scene, occasionally little indie films nobody is ever likely to see. (Or background gigs in bigger ones. I'm in that panicked crowd in the Dark Knight trailer. Er, somewhere.)

I coined the term "divababble" for the actorly navel-gazing I periodically indulge in on my personal journal. I'm going to start this blog by reposting a few past divababbles that I kinda like and still think are relevant, and move on from there. Hopefully somebody will find 'em interesting. If not, well, a divababble dropping on the Internet with nobody reading it is still a sorting out of my own thoughts, and handy for that.

If so, welcome!

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