Friday, February 27, 2009

Where's that "smite" key?

In which our Diva is unimpressed

As much as I hate it when talent scammers waste my valuable time, I just about sprained something laughing at the sloppy boilerplate email I got from one of them this morning.  They want me in their "roaster!"  Talk about truth in advertising...

It can never be said enough, because there will always be hopeful people who don't know: NEVER EVER EVER pay a penny upfront for representation!  The ones who get you in their office and hard-sell classes and photos and whatever are still around, but now you also have outfits like this Talent Watchers, where you can sign up for free, but then find out your profile isn't visible to casting people until you pay for it.  By, naturally, giving them your credit card info.  New technology, same old tricks.  (Though usually the brick-and-mortar ones can spell!)

A quick visit to Google gave me a new blog to follow, as she just posted about this same scam (under a different company name - more red flags!)  a couple days ago:

She also has links to other great resources on the topic, including the FTC's advice on avoiding acting/modeling scams, and (in the comments) one to an older column of Bonnie Gillespie's on the same topic.

Roaster.  Man, if you wrote that in fiction, nobody would believe it.

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