Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nature has her say

Woke up about 4 am to what sounded like a semi-nearby explosion or crash. Turned to hubby, whom it had also awakened, said "WTF?" Briefly considered looking out the windows to see if someone had driven a car into a house or if there was smoke rising somewhere, then decided I didn't want to leave my nice warm bed and there'd be sirens if it were something like that anyway.

Which there weren't, because generally people don't call the police or fire department for earthquakes.

In all the places I've lived and visited, I've been present for exactly two earthquakes. Both were 4-point-something, within the last five years, in Illinois. Gotta love our crazy planet.

So, we have earthquake instead of Snowmageddon 2. We shoveled about 6 inches last night to keep it from getting out of hand, which of course means there's barely another inch this morning. Mind you if we hadn't done that, Murphy's Law dictates there'd be another foot or something, so I'll deal with my sore back and the fact that we're not shoveling it today in the sunshine.

Meanwhile, I'm still steadily getting better from The Ick, and have a couple new projects in the pipeline that I need to post about. Soon, I promise!

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Unknown said...

I managed to sleep right trough the quake, but i think Rockford was on the edge of the impacted area. Hope your ick recovery is speedy!

Can't wait to see those posts about your upcoming work ;)