Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fairies and cannibals

In which our Diva has rather a wide range of projects

Ooops! I really didn't mean to go nearly a month between posts, but I got really busy with auditions and geekiness. The latter involved getting ready for and attending Wizard World Chicago Comic-Con and Dragon*Con, both of which were ridiculous amounts of fun.

Now they're done, and I've emerged from my sewing room to find that Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer will be screened at the Chicago Horror Film Festival, September 24-26. The movie will be shown on Sunday evening, and is up for several festival awards. After all the pouting I've been doing about not being able to make it to the other events where it's screened (okay, I'm still going to pout about London!), I'm seriously stoked to get to see it on a big screen locally! If you come out for it, I'd love to chat at the event.

With other projects taking precedence, I've only just now finally edited my video diary for Storefront Shakespeare's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream this past June/July. If you thought that bunch was crazy onstage...

Special thanks go to the lovely Emma Wallace for kind permission to use her song "Pet (Helena's Lament)." I discovered her through our director, Nora Manca, and just love her "modern ragtime" style. Be sure to check it out! And don't miss her blog, where she frequently offers free "song sketches" to fans.


havoc the cat said...

Damn it! That's the weekend that S. is getting married, my parents are in to babysit, *and* Aunt B. is coming on Sunday to check out our local Thai places. I'm utterly booked, and I really want to go to the festival and check out your film.

I suppose we could do it some Thursday night or another, but that will be less of a crowd. I'm in the mood for a crowd.

Unknown said...

It figures. This is what you get for being popular!

We're supposed to have a US release by the end of the year, which I expect means DVD. I'm thinking I should plan a party when that happens, so sort of a crowd?

emma wallace said...

Aww! Thank you for the sweet shoutout!

Unknown said...

Very happy to do it, Emma! Thank you for stopping by! :-)