Thursday, October 1, 2009

In their country fashions

In which our Diva plays dress-up

Got my first glimpse of P&P costumes at fittings last night. Can't wait to see them finished, of course, but all indications are that we're going to look pretty darn good.

Non-profit theatre being what it is, I'm amused that Charlotte's day dress is a makeover of Lucy's striped dress from Dracula (second photo in linked gallery). And that David (director of both shows), Carl (Drac last year, AD this year) and I all came up with the same "Wrong redhead!" crack independently.

Obligatory Shameless Plug: Pride and Prejudice opens October 16 for a three-week run. Call GreenMan Theatre at 630-464-2646 for reservations, or purchase tickets online.

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