Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I know it's really too soon to have heard anything from Saturday's audition, but I am nonetheless antsy. The project is still living in the "Coolest Thing I've Seen In Ages" space in my brain, and the schlep up to Milwaukee is seeming like a pretty minor inconvenience. No idea whether I'll get a "yea or nay" from them, so the suspense and obligatory niggling suspicion that they actually thought I sucked will probably continue for a bit before I say "Okay, ain't happening."

In the interim, I did get hold of the guys with the very conveniently local horror project, but their casting guy couldn't make it Sunday, so it's rescheduled for March 2. They sent me the script, and it looks like fun, if not the Mostest Brilliantest Thing Ever. Plus, one of the characters they're looking at me for would give me firearms handling footage for the ol' reel. I'm no expert by any means, but I have enough experience to not look like I expect the gun to bite me, and have internalized the various safety procedures well enough that I don't have to use all my active brainspace for them anymore.

Tonight, it's into the city for another student film. The role they're looking at me for in this one is a dominatrix. Yes, I'm amused too. Although those of you who saw my Rosencrantz and/or Goneril won't think it's particularly farfetched. ;-> If it weren't FIVE FRELLING DEGREES outside today, I'd probably be wearing the outfit that prompted a coworker's visiting wife to ask who the goth chick was, but no way in hell was there going to be a skirt today. Everything else is the same, though, although for some strange reason I decided it would probably be wiser to wear the hiking boots outside and change into the four-inch heels when I get there. Call me crazy. (Seriously, I do NOT understand the women I see still running around in stilettos lately. I'd say they need their heads examined, but that's going to happen anyway when they fall and crack them open!) Plus I turned back to the redhead side of the Force in November and have decided to stay there for a while, and currently have the Bettie Page bangs thing going on. So I should be set there.

On the other side of the resume, I'm now officially designing costumes for The Taming of the Shrew at Theatre-Hikes. Primary challenge will be realizing the director's commedia dell'arte concept without killing the actors, who will be hiking a total of two miles between scenes in August. Fortunately, she's experienced with them and well aware of that challenge and of the inevitable necessity of compromise. So that'll be fun. They actually asked me if I was interested in doing Dracula too, but I'm not keen on committing to designing two shows in a row when I have no idea what's going on with me performingwise. Plus, it's the John Balderston/Hamilton Deane adaptation, which I dislike quite a lot even though it's the basis for most of what people know (i.e. both the Lugosi and the Langella movies).

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