Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hollywood Midwest

Just as I've been doing a lot more auditioning for film than for theatre lately, the current issue of PerformInk has a front-page feature on, you guessed it, auditioning for independent film.

This observation in particular struck me:

“What I always think is kind of interesting is that there are these different communities in Chicago,” says Rachael Patterson, director of Acting Studio Chicago and a longtime auditions and on-camera acting instructor (as well as a former casting director). “There’s the improv community, which doesn’t really cross over all that much with the theatre community, except for on-camera auditions where you’ll see both improv actors and theatre actors. And then the independent film community is very separate from both the improv and theatre community. Actors very much want to cross over to work with independent filmmakers. And filmmakers often don’t know where to go to find actors.”

So there you have it, folks. They don't know where to find us. We gotta go find them.

Mostly I'm coming away from this with the realization that I need to start going to Midwest Independent Film Festival nights. Sounds kinda like a (hopefully) bigger version of the late lamented Columbus Film Consortium, which (a) was just fun to go to, and (b) led to half the film work I did there.

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